Mary Bakija
Self portrait by Mary Bakija

Before pursuing an MSLIS at Pratt Institute’s School of Information, I worked as a writer and editor focusing on local, online news in New York City. My approach to my work now is similar, as I aim to continue to tell stories, help others tell stories, and, most importantly, safeguard those stories — a piece that was missing in my journalism work. Creating the record is as important as ensuring it lasts for others to learn from it, and those records, particularly born-digital ones, are more and more at risk of disappearing. Today, so much history is built online, and I hope to help contribute to the preservation, long-term access, and creative use of that history.

I earned a BFA in writing, with a minor in history, from Emerson College. Currently, I’m working on cool library and archives projects. I’m also crafty and I cook a lot. I really like pizza.

Email me! hello [.] bakija [at] gmail [.] com

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